The McLarens of Kenmore

On the banks of Loch Tay

Mary McLaren

Mary was born at Kenmore, Tayside, in 1814. She was 6 years older than her husband, John McLachlan.
When John died in 1881, the census reported that Mary had her grandson staying with her. This was 14 year old John McLachlan, who was a factory piercer. Young John was born in Tillicoultry.
Mary died on 27th February 1884, at Hallpark, Alloa, of natural causes. She was 70.

Her father was

Hugh McLaren

Hugh was born on 15th May 1780, at Kenmore. He became a tenant farmer at Achomer and, according to his death certificate, "spent all his life in the district".

(30k) (33k)
Achomer Farm

He married Catherine Robertson, who was also born in 1780.
Catherine's parents were Donald Robertson, a labourer, and Mary McLaren.

Both Hugh and Catherine died at Achomer - John aged 74, on 24th February 1855, of asthma and other infections, from which he had suffered for three years; Catherine, aged 86, on 13th March 1866, of old age.

John's father was

Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm was a tenant farmer, who married Janet Walker at Kenmore on 21st March 1777.