The Killins

Agnes Killin

Agnes, my mother-in-law's namesake, was born in Busbie on 22nd January 1871. She became a power loom weaver. The days of hand loom weaving in the home were over.


The solitude of the handloom had given way to the bustle of the mill.

By 1890 she lived at 18 Burn Road, Rutherglen. From there she married John Howieson. It was almost six years before Martha, the first of their six children was born.

The children had happy memories of their summer holidays. John and Agnes would take a house in Pittenweem, Fife, for the summer, an idyllic spot.


Neither reached old age. John died at 57; Agnes at 59. On 17th January 1931, she died of angina pectoris at 15 Dunard Road, Rutherglen.


Agnes's father was

James Killin

James was born in 1831, in Doagh, Antrim, Northern Ireland, and became a print works stoker.
On 19th October 1852, at Kilbride, Antrim, he married Martha McBride. They were both 21.

In 1906, at the age of 75, he was taken from his home at 34 Mill Street, Rutherglen, to Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, suffering from heart disease. He died on 21st February of general arteriosclerosis and cerebral softening.

Martha had died almost three years earlier, at 7 Burn Road Rutherglen, of senile decay. She was 72.
Martha's parents were William McBride, a miller, and Janet Lorimer.

James's parents were William Killin, a grocer, and Jane Duncan. William was born in Doagh in 1806, and died there, aged 81, of paralysis, from which he had suffered for some years.

Jane was three years younger. She died in Doagh almost eight years before William.

William's mother was Johanna Moore.