Jean Wallace Kelly

Jean Kelly was born on 25th November, 1880 at 43 Bonnieton Sqare, Kilmarnock.Their closest neighbours in 1881 were engine fitters, a boiler maker and a cabinet maker.
She died of breast cancer at the age of 48, on 1st December, 1928, leaving her husband Bob to look after their two daughters, Grace and my mother Jessie, who was 13. Over half a century later, my mother still found it painful to refer to her mother's death.

Jean's parents were John Kelly and Grace Wallace.

John was born in Glasgow in 1849. On 27th March 1874, at the age of 25, he married Grace at her home, 20 Douglas Street, Kilmarnock. Grace was 20.By 1879 he was an engine fitter, and they lived at 18 North Hamilton Street. Four years later, he was a foreman iron finisher, and they lived at 25 Clark Street. By 1911 he was a brass finisher. He died at 10 Glencairn Sqare at 7pm on 23rd February, 1915, of chronic bronchitis. He was 66.

Grace was born at 20 Douglas Street in 1854. She became a power loom weaver. On 9th September, 1898, she died of pernicious anaemia. She was 44. Her daughter, Jean, was 17. Jean's sister, Elizabeth, was 14. History was to repeat itself 30 years later, with Jean's death. (See above).

John's parents were John Kelly and Annie Baird.

John was born in 1822. In the 1870s, he and Annie lived in Bonnieton Square, Kilmarnock (at No 85 in 1874, at No 43 in 1879). Like his son John, he died of bronchitis. On 25th January 1881 he was 59. His son John was left an orphan at the age of 10.

Annie, born in Lanark in 1823, had died just over a year earlier, four days before Christmas, 1879, of consumption of the bowels. She was 56.

John's parents were John Kelly and Christina Phillips.

John was a coal master.

Annie's parents were Robert Baird and Janet Hamilton.

Robert was a commission agent.