Jessie Brown and her Forebears

Jessie was seven years younger than Andrew. She was born in 1845. She was a warehouse worker when they married.


Like Andrew, she died young. On 2nd October, 1899, she died of apoplexy. She was 53.

Jessie's parents were James Brown and Margaret McCrone.

James was born in 1817. He became a carpet weaver.
He died on 14th November, 1889, at the age of 72, of cerebral disease.
Margaret had died 14 years earlier, on 24th October, 1875, at the age of 57. She too died of heart disease, from which she had suffered for several years. After her death, James had moved from the family home, 35 New Sneddon, to 2 Clydeview Terrace, Springbank Road, to be nearer his son James, who lived at Number 1.

James's parents were James Brown and Janet Aird. James was a shawl weaver and married Janet at Paisley High on 10th July, 1803.

Margaret's parents were Robert McCrone, a weaver, and Margaret McHoul.