Letter from America 1922

A letter - beautifully expressed - sent by Uncle George and Aunt Nellie, Connecticut, to Jessie Sharp, sending not only sympathy, but also offering them a home in the USA.

The letter is transcribed below.

Dec 18, 1922.

Dear Sister,
We received today the sad word that George had passed away. We know that your heart is sadly grieved, and may we share with you the deep sorrow you are called upon to bear. It is at such time as this that we wish we were nearer each other so that we might comfort your good Billie. We did not realise that George was so sick and it came as a great shock to us. However, it was so willed and the good Lord thought best to call him home to where there is no suffering or pain, and while it may

seem strange and hard to bear. May we humbly say "Thy will be done."

You certainly have the comfort of knowing that you did all that loving hands could do for him thru his long sickness and suffering. And now that he has been called to his rest may the Lord comfort you both in this dark hour of sorrow.

It is hard to express how we feel for you at this time, so please accept our heartfelt sympathy and Love to Billie and yourself.

And Jessie, as we do not know what plans you may have in mind for the future (and it may seem out of place to mention such things at this time), but we would like very much to have you and Billie come out and make your home with us, as we think you would have a better chance of getting something suitable to do than where you are, but if you have other plans made, it will be all right. Do what you you think will be the best. Think it over and let us know what you decide to do. And if you should come, I will see about meeting you and making whatever arrangements for this side. There will be no necessity of sending any affidavits to you.

Trusting that you are bearing up and keeping well, and hoping to hear from you soon. With love and deepest sympathy, we remain
Your loving Brother,
Geo & Nellie.