The Allan Family

Euphemia Campbell Allan

Euphemia was born in 1854. This is an early photograph, taken in the late 1850s, when Euphemia was about four, and printed not on paper, but on a very thin sheet of copper.


Here is another photograph of the same type, taken about 1860, when Euphemia was six.


When she married John Brown, she was a confectioner, a skill which was to stand her in good stead throughout her life. She was an attractive, able and competent woman.

John died in 1917, but she lived on for a further 25 years, setting herself up in business and making a great success of it. She opened up a confectionery shop at Allan Street, Dalmarnock, where she sold, among other things, her own home-made ice-cream, toffee and Parkin biscuits.

She was a very smart woman - she made all her own clothes.


On 4th February 1942, she died of senility and cardiac disease at 5 Ruskin Terrace, Rutherglen, the house she had bought with her own money almost half a century before.

Her father was

Hugh Allan.

Hugh was born in Kilmarnock in 1810. He became a spirit merchant in George Street, Paisley, where he could open all day. During the races, he would sleep on the counter at lunchtime.

On 26th November 1837, at Middle Church, Paisley, he married Euphemia Cox, who was five years younger. Euphemia was born in Middle Paisley on 23rd February, 1815, the year of the Battle of Waterloo, the daughter of Thomas Cox, a weaver, and Sarah Campbell.

Hugh was able to retire at the age of 50, and he and Euphemia bought a holiday house, Jamaica Cottage, in John Street, Dunoon.

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On 26th May 1888, Hugh died of concussion of the brain at 67 George Street, Paisley. He was 78.

On 6th April 1895, Euphemia died of an intestinal obstruction at the same address. She was 80.

Euphemia's Forebears.

Euphemia's parents were Thomas Cox, a weaver, born on 28th May 1789, two months before the outbreak of the French Revolution, and Sarah Campbell.

Thomas's parents were John Cox and Katherine Renfrew (14.5.1764 - ), who married in Paisley on 23rd June 1787.

Fifty years earlier, on 28th September 1737, Katherine's parents had married in Paisley. Katherine was the youngest of their nine children.

Her parents were James Renfrew, born in 1718, and Katherine Peterson, who was three years younger. Both were born in Paisley.

Hugh's Forebears.

Hugh's parents were Hugh Allan, a schoolmaster, and Agnes Parker. Agnes was born in Riccarton, Kilmarnock, on 30th September 1781. They were married there a few days after Agnes's 21st birthday, on 5th October 1802.

Her parents were William Parker, born in 1745, and Jean Anderson, born on 4th May 1746. Both were born in Riccarton.